Announcement and a request

I'm writing a book. Or more accurately I have written a book and am trying to get it published. I have learned through some training I'm doing that a big part of becoming a published non-fiction author is having a following on my platform.  I didn't even know I needed a platform when I started writing so I'm a bit behind.  I am asking that if you have any interest at all in our journey that you do four things for me , pretty please. 

1. Subscribe to my email list to receive weekly email updates and funny stories not shared on social media 

2. Share the link with friends in your circle. 

3. Add me on Twitter and Instagram and encourage your friends to do so as well.

Insta: Mommygo123 

4. Pray for me as I pursue a literary agent and  publisher 

Thank you for your encouragement and participation in our lives. 

❤ Chrissy 


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