Hello and Welcome

 Hi, my name is Chrissy. Some of you know me. Some of you invariably don't. I am a wife of Tim, a mom to 5 beautiful, unique children( all of whom we adopted from foster care), wannabe runner, Jesus follower, and actually a fairly boring person. I wanted to create this blog to chronicle our lives because I am sure there is someone else out there that starts the day wondering what on earth they have gotten themselves into with this whole "adoptive family" thing. I know we aren't alone but it sure feels that way sometimes. So, welcome. Stop in sometime and read about our antics. I don't mind if you laugh at me because one of the 4 year olds had the police called on us because she screamed so loudly the neighbors thought someone was being murdered. She was screaming, by the way, because her sock was on wrong. This is our life. I wouldn't have it any other way but some days I admit to wanting to get in the car and drive away where I can't hear the chaos. I hope you find some laughter here, even if it is at my expense. You are not alone.


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