Just in case you missed it (originally posted fall of 2019)

 I'm sure most of you know by now. I'm sorry for those of you who don't but I need to break the silence. This past summer my oldest son assaulted our youngest daughter and is now in a treatment program. Because of the nature of his offense he cannot come home for a while, maybe not at all. We are all processing and grieving. Everyone is seeing a counselor and we are trying to live our lives in as much of a normal way as possible. I have tried and failed to write this post a dozen times but then just can't find the words or the strength. We are all hurting, my youngest most of all. Next week will be the first Thanksgiving in 5 years that my oldest boy, my first son, will not be at home. Quickly on Thanksgiving's heels will come the first Christmas in 5 he won't celebrate with us. I am undone. I love my son but his past is so broken and he has so much healing to do, I find myself wondering when the next season of celebration will come with him a part of it, if such a season will even come at all.

Pray for my family. My sweet boy as he works on healing from a past he wants to simply forget, and my precious daughter as she works through missing her beloved big brother and processing the hurt he has caused.
Peace to you this season


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